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  • Quality Electrical Solutions
    Whether its inside your home, underneath the
    ground or on top of a tree in your yard,
    Gold Coast Electric Services takes a great deal
    of pride in providing the exact solution you
    are looking for.

    This is a Kitchen in Hollister where we did all the lighting.
  • Attention to Detail
    Your property is your castle, and we respect
    that. When we do a job for you, we pay
    attention to the details; we go the extra
    mile to get it right.

    This dining room in Saratoga was given a
    significant face lift with this beautiful
    chandelier and chrystal wall mounted lights
  • Green Energy Solutions
    We take pride in our environmental consiousness,
    and are pleased to help you with all your green
    initiatives. Whether helping reduce your PG&E
    bill with an energy audit, or
    getting you off the grid with Solar, Wind, or
    geo-thermal, we are the right partner to choose.

    Check out this house in Hollister, it is powered
    off the grid, thanks to Gold Coast Electric Services
  • Professional Service
    Your the boss.
    Every member of the Gold Coast family is held to a
    standard of professionalism that would make your
    grandparents proud. Good business begins and ends
    with good manners.

    Our ever growing fleet of service vans

Welcome to Gold Coast Electric Services

Gold Coast Electric Services is San Benito County’s first choice in electrical services. We recognize that a new dynamic in electrical services is required in this time of rapidly advancing technologies. We feel we have identified the solutions you are looking for within both your home and commercial property, and are prepared to fulfill any electrical requirement you may have. From the traditional electrical service call, to the most complex solution you may desire, Gold Coast is the right answer for your property.


Quality Service Available

When you need an electrical solution, we are your best call.  We will be there when you need us.


Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

We understand that what is best for you, is best for business. You should feel comfortable with us in your home, so we have taken every step to make this so.

No Job too SMALL or BIG

We look forward to meeting every electrical need on your property.